Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Everyday Is Art, You Are Art Study Welcome Letter & Assignments

Welcome! This study is based on "Learning To Love You More" which was put together by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher back in 2005. I called it "Everyday Is Art, You Are Art" because I feel like that's what these assignments represent, that we are surrounded by art everywhere we look, everyday. That everything we do is art. We are born creators by the ultimate creator whoever that may be for you. We are the only species with an imagination. Everyone is creative whether you think so or not, it is true!

It takes creativity to put together an outfit or to style your hair. It takes creativity to make a meal or bake some cookies. Are you going to tell me honestly that you've never substituted an ingredient for something else because you were out of it? That took some creative thought believe it or not! It takes creativity to have a conversation or to write a little note for someone. It's endless really on what we have to be creative with everyday!

These assignments I have gathered together came from my, my families, my friends and LTLYM participants imaginations. Some are as simple as answering a question or taking a photograph. Others are extensive in thought or delving into how you feel about various things. They aren’t meant to be burdens. That's why this is voluntary but I do think that each one is very important in it's own way and that's why I hereby promise to complete each one by January 1st, 2009. I sound just like a MOMA artist now!

I feel like Learning To Love You More is the best title for this project because that's just what it is; Learning To Love Yourself More, however it's already been taken. I am hoping that you learn more about yourself than ever before. I hope that you are able to really look into what makes you happy and what is constantly nagging you. I hope that once you have figured out these things you can discover how you can let go of the bad and spend more time surrounded by the things that make you feel good. These assignments, when all gathered together in your portfolio, will be a road map to your soul. Your portfolio will be your reminder of what a ball of amazing you really are! It will make you smile and cry, laugh and jump, excite and drive, ponder and explore the world that you have created for yourself.

As much as I hate to put a time limit on it, I feel like there must be some sort of boundary. The study will run from July 1st until December 1st. I give you 6 months to complete all you want to and on January 9th 2009 we will gather at my home and share what we have discovered. It will be like a celebratory gala showing with lots of laughter and yummy treats! Some assignments you may not want to share and that's okay too, this project is all for you to do with it what you wish. Maybe you might even end up wanting to have a gallery showing of all your work. I ask that you choose at least 20 assignments but any amount is okay. I'm sure that once you start, you'll not be able to stop! You are committing to a journey of self and worldly discovery, aren't you excited?!

You are creative! You are an Artist! You are powerful beyond belief! You are brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous! Go find out who you are and start to appreciate all the wonders that you hold inside and offer to those around you. It's about time, don't you think?! Most of all remember to have fun! In the meantime you can update us on anything that you want to share along the way at the blogspot. Please do, I'd love to see and read what you are discovering!

Take pictures and record all your research down in your journal that you have created exclusively for this project. Keep all the pictures you draw and any other mediums you use in this journal for safekeeping! There are 107 assignments in total listed here and the list will probably grow so don’t feel overwhelmed. You are only asked to do 20 or more!

These following assignments are done in whichever fashion you feel is appropriate. In "Learning To Love You More" they get really specific as to how to carry out the assignment but as I feel with all Art, it has to be what you feel and think it should be. For some I might add some details but never enough to tell you how to carry out the assignment. It's all yours! If there's any questions at all, you can contact me at
TorkieeStar5@cox.net but just remember that however you interpret the assignment is the right way!

Treat these assignments as a truth seeker. Don't worry about sharing what you find with others, don't get nervous about what you find, you don't have to share any of it if you are not comfortable. This is for you. The gala will take place if you want to share, not because you need to. Just be honest with yourself, it's a new technique, I know but it's time, don't you think?!?

-Jocelyn B.

"As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others!"-Marianne Williamson

"Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one can hear you. Love like you've never been hurt before. Live like heaven is on Earth!"-William Purkey

"It's your life and you can decorate it as you like!"- Ben Folds


#1. Make an encouraging banner for a friend reflecting a message you feel they need to be reminded of on a daily basis. Take a picture for your journal so you can give the banner to your friend to hang up in a place where they will see it everyday!

#2. Write a press release of a mundane event you experienced today!

#3. Reconstruct something from your past that you cherished out of paper. Take a picture for your journal!

#4. Make a goodbye list for yourself of anything you feel it's time to let go of or forgive!

#5. List a few teachers who aided your journey through school. Why did they matter to you?

#6. Give yourself advice that you wish you knew much earlier on. You can even write this advice to yourself at a specific age!

#7. Lie down on the ground outside and look up at the sky. Find a cloud you like and take a photograph of it. Put the picture in your journal and write what it reminds you of below it!

#8. Make up a new word and define it. Use it as often as possible for a month. Did it catch on? Will you continue to use it?

#9. Sit still for five minutes in a park. Pick out a particular event taking place, person or thing you notice. Draw it with crayons and describe it with only ten words!

#10. Name three friends who have helped you through a difficult time and what it was at that time!

#11. Create a sign of something you want people to know that you feel is important. Display it on a main road. Take a picture of it for your journal. Don't break the law, I don’t have the bail money!

#12. Write out a conversation you wish you could have. Now think about what is holding you back from having this conversation but don't write it down, just keep it to yourself. Still, really think about it what's keeping you at bay!

#13. Make up a short children's story based on the first thing you see when you open up your cupboard!

#14. List of five Love questions!:
1. If you were to complete the phrase “A life without love…,” how would you finish it?
2. If you were to pick the one person in your life you have felt the strongest platonic love for, aside from family members, who would you say it was?
3. If you were to choose the one material object that could best express or represent love, what would it be?
4. If you had to define love in a few simple words, how would you do it?
5. If you were forced to choose one thing more important in life than love, what would you pick?

#15. Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile. What did they teach you?

#16. Take a picture of a scar of yours. How did you get it? What's the story you wish you could tell people on how you got it?

#17. Write about a reoccurring dream you have. Is there a common theme you can find? What do you think the message is? How does this pertain to your life?

#18. Engage a stranger while waiting in line. Ask them what their favourite colour is and why? What did they say? How did they react to you?

#19. Collect a leaf, a flower, a branch & a rock and trace it on a sheet of paper. Now with crayons connect these pictures together buy creating it into something else, real or imaginary!

#20. Think of a few people who have made you feel appreciated and special. It could be the most random of reasons.

#21. List of five Sexiness questions:
1. If you had to repeat the sexiest words anyone has ever said to you, what would they be?
2. If you had to select the sexiest word in the English language, what would it be?
3. If you were to recall the most humorous thing that has happened to you in bed, what would it be?
4. If you could name the one thing that always makes you feel sexy, what would it be?
5. If you could lose one inhibition, which would it be?

#22. Choose a star in the night sky to all your own. Draw a picture of it. How will you be able to find it again tomorrow night?

#23. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with. What are your favourite things to do with them?

#24. Take a trip to your library. Go down the aisle that reflects your last name, in other words if your book was published, go to the aisle it would be located in. Choose a random book. Open it up to a random spot. Make a copy of the two pages you opened up to and take it home. Without reading the text highlight the words that jump out at you. Now create a poem, which doesn't have to rhyme, with those highlighted words.

#25. Spend time with an elderly person. Complete the following five tasks with them!:
1. Ask them what they are thinking about right now.
2. Ask them what they wanted to be when they grow up when they were a child.
3. Ask them to give you advice on life that they've learned so far. What do they tell you is the most important thing to know?
4. Ask them to tell you about one thing they would love to do right now.
5. Ask them if you can take a picture of their hands. Write about what these hands have been through in three sentences!

#26. Buy a coffee for the person behind you anonymously one day. Draw a split screen picture with the way your face looked as you left the place on the left and on the right what you think the expression of the person who received the coffee was. Do you think they would say anything or even turn around? Do you think they would pay it forward for someone else? Do you think that the cashier would even follow through with your request or pocket the money for himself or herself?

#27. What would your ideal playground contain? Not necessarily swing sets and slides but everything that you love to play with. Be creative and indulgent. Draw a picture of it!

#28. Inkblot test EIAYAA style: Take markers and colour on a piece of paper heavily. Take a gel pen and scribble over the color with words, pictures and shapes. Fold it in half while it's still wet and run your hands over it merging the colours. Open it up and write what you see!

#29. Write about what your ideal day would be like. Would it involve other people or a foreign land? Would it be a solitary day close to home? Anything you want, elaborate!

#30. Name half a dozen heroes or scholars whose stories have inspired you. List one reason why they come to mind.

#31. Take a map out of your state and lay it out in a cleared space. Close you eyes and let the tip on a pencil land on a place. Go on a road trip to this place and take three photos along the way of things you found. What did you discover in this new place? If there was a brochure for this place what do you think it would be known for?

#32. Take yourself to a museum of your choice. While there study a piece that grabs your attention, one that really moves you. Write down the artist and name of the piece. When you go home try to reconstruct the piece only using material in you home. Change or add anything you think or felt it needed. Rename your piece. Take a picture for your journal!

#33. Create an outrageous holiday, something like "Wear Your Underwear Inside Out Day". Celebrate this day by choosing a random day. Make cupcakes and decorate them to reflect you holiday. Make a sign that says "Happy____________Day!" to put next to your cupcakes. Everyone who takes a cupcake must wish you the sentiment of the day!

#34. Dedicate a full hour to your pet. Play with them, give them something really indulgent to eat, take them for a walk. Look into their eyes, give them a hug. Whatever you do, make that hour completely devoted to them. Did they smile for you? Did they seem happier for the duration of the day? What changed in their countenance if anything did? Tell about what you did and what you observed about your pet's demeanor. See what an hour of attention can do?

#35. Write a recent argument you've had. First write the way you remember it happening. Then write the way you wish is had ended. If you are really ballsy, ask the other person involved to recall their account as well!

#36. List of five Relationship questions:
1. If you were to choose the best relationship you have, with whom would it be with?
2. If you were to describe the perfect marriage in a few simple sentences, how would you do it?
3. If you had to name the one thing that you most fear about relationship, what would it be?
4. If you had to choose one thing that you would want your partner to say to you everyday, what would it be?
5. If you were to ensure one thing about your child’s love life, what would it be?

#37. Create your ideal country. What is it called? Create a flag, an animal or bird mascot and flower. What is the weather like? What is their motto? What is the government like? How much education is implemented? What is their leading export and import? Describe all you can about your country.

#38. Think of someone famous you would like to spend the day with. Where would you take them? What would you want to do with them? What would you ask them? What would you want to share with them about what they mean to you? Elaborate!

#39. Think of your favourite book from your school years. What was it? Write about what you loved about it and what you learned from it. Date this page and put it away. Now re-read the book. What did you love about it the second time around if you still even do? What did you learn? Date this page and compare the two. Keep these pages in your journal!

#40. Design a T-Shirt with words and/or a picture of something you recently heard someone say that has stayed with you. Make it and wear it. What do others say about it?

#41. Create your own EIAYAA assignment. What is it? Carry it out!

#42. Ask three people in your life to describe you in ten adjectives. If possible get these answers from your Mom and Dad but you don't have to. Now do the same for yourself. Was there any that you had in common? Which were the one's that were different and surprising from either you or a loved one?

#43. Create something, anything you want out of the paint chips you get at Home Depot. Take a picture.

#44. Draw an invention that you've always wanted to make. What will it do? Why is it important? What has stopped you from making it? Could you make a prototype now?

#45. On the morning of September 18th pay extra attention to the first phone conversation you have. Write down the first question they ask you. Now write a short song around it!

#46. Use ten quotes to describe yourself!

#47. Write out five different messages as many times as you want and randomly spread them out in various places for others to find. What were the messages you sent out into the world?

#48. Document something that made you smile today.

#49. Take pictures of your five favourite possessions and write below them why they are you favourite!

#50. Spend some time with a child. Complete the following five tasks with them!:
1. Ask them what they are thinking about right now.
2. Ask them what they want to be when they grow up.
3. Ask them to give you advice on life they've learned so far. What do they tell you is the most important thing to know?
4. Ask them to show you their favourite dance move. Describe it.
5. Take a picture of you with the child making funny faces!

#51. Choose a work to represent each letter of the alphabet to describe yourself with.

#52. List the top ten scents that bring you back to your childhood!

#53. Make a Help Wanted AD of your perfect job!

#54. Choose someone you love in your life. Make a list of things you love about them. Seal this list in an envelope and give it to that person on any given Thursday. Write down you favourite qualities or all of them from you list in your journal!

#55. Next time you spill something, instead of cleaning it up right away, turn it into art. Take a picture for your journal!

#56. Write a message in the sand of snow. Take a picture!

#57. Make a list of why your best friend is your best friend!

#58. Take a photo of your favourite tree. How does this tree make you feel?

#59. Make a list of your deepest fears that you never wanted anyone to know. You can either burn this list, keep it somewhere for safe keeping or record it in your journal to share or keep to yourself!

#60. Choose your favourite letter from the alphabet. Create a picture with the letter!

#61. Create an award. What is the award's name and what kind if achievement is it for? Draw or sculpt it, make a mock version of it. Who is the first person you would give it to?

#62. Go outside and find a flower you've never seen before. Take a photo. Research this flower and find out its name. Does it have a meaning? If not what do you think it's meaning should be?

#63. Make a list of things that you disliked and learned to love later!

#64. What are three names you would like to use as a pseudonym? Are there any reasons why you like these names the best?

#65. Try a new food that you've never had before. What was it? Did you like it?

#66. Create a postage stamp of yourself. What do you represent? Like Joe DiMaggio would represent baseball.

#67. What does joy feel like to you? Create this feeling with an art medium and write the words of how you feel all over it!

#68. Dig up a negative. Draw over it and develop it again. Or take a developed photograph, tear it up, add other pieces and create something new!

#69. Take the white crayon and write with it on a white piece of paper. Now take watercolor and paint over it to reveal your hidden message!

#70. Create a musical instrument!

#71. List of five Romance questions:
1. If you were to name the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone else, what would it be?
2. If you were to name the most romantic moment in your life so far, what would you say?
3. If you had to choose the 3 best songs to make love to, what would you pick?
4. If you had to pick the most romantic moment in any film, what you say?
5. If you were to remember one romantic experience that changed your life, what would you say?

#72. Make a lost poster. What have you lost that you want back? Take a photo of your poster!

#73. Pick a leaf and take it home. Describe in detail what it looks like and what it does as if you were explaining it to someone from another planet!

#74. Plant a seed and note it's growth from planting to maturity!

#75. List 50 things that you love! All the little things and big things!

#76. Take a photograph of a crazy hairdo!

#77. Make a self-portrait of yourself with magazine pictures!

#78. Create an unlikely writing tool!

#79. Build a fort and take a picture. Where do you imagine you are when you are in it?

#80. Make a photocopy of your hand. Write about what you think of it on the copy, kind of like a palm reading!

#81. Write out your favourite poem using you less dominant hand!

#82. Sit in silence and make a list of all the sounds you hear around your home in the course of 20 minutes!

#83. Create a mandala for yourself. A mandala's origins are from Native American. They were thought to bring its owner health, happiness, prosperity, and good luck. They are usually a circle that is normally symmetric with a series of designs in the middle!

#84. Write a ransom letter to yourself. What are you holding hostage from yourself? What are your demands?

#85. What is your favourite word? Now look it up in five different languages. Write them all down!

#86. Create an unusual pie. While making it throw all of your emotions into it. What have you called this pie based on what you are feeling that day? If you've ever seen the movie "The Waitress" then you'll know what I am aiming at here!

#87. Make a spontaneous card for someone for no specific reason. Maybe because you
liked the way their hair was parted the other day. Take a photo of the cover of the card and give the card to the person you made it for!

#88. Make a mixed CD of songs that make you blissfully happy! Play this CD whenever you are feeling blue. Write down the track listing in your journal!

#89. College over a postcard with pictures and paint. Incorporate your favourite quote in it!

#90. Treat yourself to an over priced coffee at a local coffee shop. Sit down by yourself with your notepad. Listen to various conversations, one at a time. Write down what you hear without moving your hand off the page. Move your focus onto another conversation when you want to and continue writing what you hear, meshing the conversations together! What did you find?

#91. What is the greatest thing you've ever done?

#92. Create a mantra for yourself that you think you need to remind yourself of everyday. Write it down on a super sticky post-it and hang it up in your workspace!

#93. Promise yourself that you will tell your next crush that you like them once you've realized that you do! This is important to do for yourself and not as scary as you think! If you are already taken, remind your lova that you have a crush on them!

#94. Take a favourite clothing item out of your closet that you adore but never wear out because you think it's too special. You will wear it out to at least one place. If it's a summery item, wear it out on August 25th and if it's a wintry item, wear it out on November 9th! Today is special!

#95. Envy List: Name three people you are envious of and why you think you are. How you obtain those qualities they have that you want? What is the anecdote so that you don't have this feeling anymore?

#96. Find something free, it could be anything that made your day! What was it?

#97. What is the greatest thing you think you've learned so far?

#98. Make a try list of five things you really want to do but haven't yet. Next to each one write down why you haven't felt you could do those things. Do you think these are good enough excuses?

#99. Go online, pick up a book or pick up a paper, something with words on it. Write down the three forms of emotion that you first read. Now photograph or have some take your photo of yourself acting out these emotions. One photo for each emotion like they do in Vanity Fair. If it's a situational sentence describing the emotion instead of just the emotion, that's even better! One emotion per photograph! Write the emotion or situation you acted out under each photograph.

#100. Take yourself out on a play date. Go somewhere you love but don't treat yourself to often if at all, just you. Where did you go? What did you do? How do you feel?

#101. Name your favourite book, song, movie, band, artist, author, sport, writer, actor, actress, etc.

#102. Did you experience synchronicity this week? How many times? Write down all your synchronistic encounters during the course of a week!

#103. Recording yourself reading aloud. Who does it remind you of?

#104. Write you life out in six word sentences. As many as you want but they can only contain six words each!

#105. What is the one thing that brings you unadulterated joy? When's the last time you had it?

#106. Take a photograph of yourself that you already have in which you are striking a pose. Take the silloute of yourself and write all the words inside of that silloute that describe who you are!

#107. Light a candle and look into the flame. Picture everything you want for yourself. Now focus on the feeling as you receive all those things you desire. Hold the feeling as long as you can and remember to breathe. When you feel content with your life as you've imagined it you can then blow out the candle. Write down a few words on how you feel with all this success now!

Where do you even start!!!??!!?? Enjoy!